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By using eHassle's website, certifications seals, or any related services offered you agree to the following terms and conditions: We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to any website, company or person we deem to be inappropriate. We reserve the right and it is at our sole discretion, to add, change or remove any part of our website, our services, or any related items at any time without prior notice. All memberships and/or services will automatically renew, unless cancelled. Only an owner or person(s) authorized by the owner of a website can take part in any of our services, purchase our certification, request changes or cancel and said person(s) must also be authorized to use the credit card and/or payment method when making a payment, as well said person(s) will accept full responsibility for any actions and/or results of the actions they take. All information supplied by us about a business and/or website is intended as an indication of the efforts of that business and/or website and we do not, in any way, offer any guarantee of any kind. By relying on, reading, or acceptiing any of the information, services and/or certifications we provide, you agree to all our terms and conditions and also agree that we cannot be held liable in any event.

Improper Business Practices:

Any company, individual or website that is part of any of the certifications or services that we offer, that receives numerous complaints and/or is found to be conducting any type of fraudulent or illegal activities will be immediately cancelled from our program without notice and without refund. At that time, and at the time of any cancellation ALL seals, logos, or use of our name must be completely removed from the companies website or a fine will be assessed and legal action taken.


Cancellation requests given within the first 30 days will be cancelled immediately and all fees will be refunded. After 30 days, we will require 30 days prior written notice for all cancellations. Any and all services that have already been paid for and/or used are non refundable.

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In The News

"I would shop online more often if I knew my credit card information was secure."
     - Visa's website courtesy of Visa Research

"After a spate of revelations of major identity-theft cases, 57 percent now express worry that computers and technology are prying into their private lives -- up from 42 percent in 2000 and 38 percent in 1994. Moreover, 72 percent are concerned about the possibility their personal records could be stolen over the Internet."
     - ABC News/Washington Post poll