Q. What does eHassle™ do?
A. eHassle™ provides a way in which website owners can let their users know that the website they are on is either secure, takes privacy seriously, is a real company or all three (depending on the certification program the site owner chooses).

Q. I own a website, what will these certification do for me?
A. Having the eHassle™ certification seals will allow website users and/or potential customers to feel safe when using a website. And a customer that feels safe with a website is more likely to use that website, meaning more conversion.

Q. I think this is perfect for my site, but what if after signing up I don't pass certification?
A. If for any reason a website fails certification, we will try our best to guide that site in correcting any issues. Of course if the website is still unable to pass certification and/or decides not to correct the problem(s) a FULL refund will be issued.

Q. I am a customer, how do I know if the website I am on is certified?
A. All websites must pass certification prior to displaying any of the eHassle™ seals. If you see our seals on a website, you will need to validate a couple of things to make sure it is indeed valid. First you will want to make sure the seal is clickable and takes you to a verification page. Second you want to make sure that the verification page is coming from the eHassle.com server, you can know this by looking at the URL of the verification page, if the URL starts with "http://www.ehassle.com/..." then it is valid. Oh and of course you will want to view the verification page for that websites current status (example: "Status: Active" or "Status: EXPIRED").

Q. I am a customer and I think a website I am on is using your seal fraudulently?
A. We encourage anybody that is unsure if the certification seals on a website are real, to use the contact us form on our website and simply ask us to validate it. We are ALWAYS happy to help :)

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Increase Sales

If you are like many, you probably spend quite a bit of money in advertising your business.

So why wouldn't you spend just a few dollars more to convert more customers into sales?

If you have the traffic and need more conversion, then getting the eHassle™ website certification seals may be exactly what you need.

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In The News

"I would shop online more often if I knew my credit card information was secure."
     - Visa's website courtesy of Visa Research

"After a spate of revelations of major identity-theft cases, 57 percent now express worry that computers and technology are prying into their private lives -- up from 42 percent in 2000 and 38 percent in 1994. Moreover, 72 percent are concerned about the possibility their personal records could be stolen over the Internet."
     - ABC News/Washington Post poll