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Current Status: ACTIVE
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Program Overview: By joining the eHassle™ No Hassle Identity certification program, this business has undergone a review of its business and/or owners identity and has been found to be within the guidelines of the eHassle™ No Hassle Identity certification program. Moreover, by this business being part of the eHassle™ No Hassle Identity certification seal program, they are setting themselves apart from, and above their competitors who have not taken this important step to verify their identity.

Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an indication of the identity verification efforts of eHassle™ for the above mentioned website (the website listed by the "website URL:" above) and/or that sites owners or operator. Please also keep in mind that approval of a website cannot 100% guarantee identity. However we feel that it does show that the website and/or its owner(s) or operator(s) take their customers concerns seriously. This does not protect any information that may be shared with the above mentioned website or others that they might share it with. All parties, consumers, users, owners and the like, agree that we, its owners and/or operators cannot and will not be held liable in any event. To verify the legitimacy of this page, please make sure the website URL starts with, as all verification pages are hosted on our wesbite. please contact us if you would like to report fraudulent use of our service.